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Tax and Administrative Controversy and Litigation

Our team has an extensive experience representing businesses and individuals in tax and administrative disputes at the federal, state, and local levels. We are committed to provide a high-quality legal advice regarding tax and administrative disputes, as well as assistance and representation during review or auditing procedures headed by either administrative or tax authorities.

Civil and Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution

We have ensembled an experienced team that will provide our clients the most efficient defense and representation, in federal, state, and local courts, regarding issues such as collection rights or damage claims due to the violation of contractual or non-contractual obligations.


Thanks to our effective relationships with several public and private groups of interest, we have been able to successfully represent and support our clients’ varying needs in front of the respective governmental authorities at all levels. 

Real-Estate Investment

As part of our core services, we provide legal counsel and management to real-estate developers; ensuring the obtention of licenses and permits from the Urban development offices; we provide counsel on the design and framing of urban projects, as well as legal defense in order to protect our clients’ real-estate investments against any governmental authorities or private individuals’ proceedings. 

Energy, Natural Resources and Environmental Law

As environmental law continues with its fast-paced evolution, our team of lawyers and professionals are well prepared to provide our clients the needed legal counsel and representation services. We are ready to represent them either on administrative and regulatory processes in order to obtain the necessary licenses and permits or by representing them on litigation processes against governmental authorities’ proceedings. 

Many of our team members, have previous experience working with environmental and energy issues such as mining concessions, authorization procedures for electrical energy installations, protected natural areas, water property rights, hazardous materials, atmospheric emissions, federal terrestrial maritime zone, contaminant discharges into receiving waters of national property, amongst others. 

Corporate and Transactional

With a valuable trajectory in Corporate Law, we have been able to advice and counsel our clients’ regarding their needs of legally designing and restructuring their business models in both national or international levels, delivering a positive, viable and secure business model as a result. 

Regulatory Compliance and Foreign Trade

We work hand by hand with clients from diverse industries, most of which have strict and decisively enforced regulations, such as economic competition, foreign trade, sanitary regulations, consumer protection, standardization, publicity, and promotions, amongst others. For that reason, we seek to provide them with the most accurate advice and counsel regarding national and international regulatory compliance. 

Protection against Authoritative Proceedings

Our team works on engineering and implementing legal strategies to protect our clients’ patrimony against any act of nationalization or expropriation. 

Legal Compliance

We are committed to providing our clients with up-to-date legal advice regarding any legal compliance guidelines that are applicable to their businesses, so that they can be certain that the necessary actions are taken, and sanctions are prevented. We strive to protect our clients’ interests and reputations; therefore, we will provide them the most thorough and detailed counsel regarding the applicable regulations such as anti-money laundering, anti-corruption, personal data and fair economic competition. 

Corporate Fraud

Fraud impacting businesses can be both general frauds that target any business, to sector specific frauds, the schemes used can often appear under the guise of legitimate business practices. Our legal team is prepared to provide all the necessary legal actions to obtain the restitution of the damages generated due to these practices. 


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